Star Farms is such a great location for we want to help you get out there.  Pack your lunch, swim gear and whatever you need for a fun packed day into our support vehicle and we'll take it out there and bring it back for you.   Then head off as part of our family 'bike train' with ride leaders front and rear.  

There's a lagoon, kayaks, BBQ area, diving board, hammocks on the beach and a whole lotta fun to be had out there at Star Farms.   We reserve the entire property for the weekend so it's free for everyone who has a Rally wristband on. 

Please note that there are no services out at Star Farms so you must bring drinks, food and snacks.  The ride out there and back is a 10 mile round trip.  Those with young families often find it is best to drive a car out there to bring children back at the end of the day. 

There is no additional cost for inclusion in the ride and places are unlimited but please sign up here so we know how many people and how much gear to plan for. 

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