Yesterday I finally got the chance to test out the Rudy Project ImpactX Rydon glasses.  As far as technical features and specifications go BikeRadar have already written an excellent article on those here.  I'm more into the practical 'in the garage' and 'on the road' tests in areas where I've been let down badly before by glasses.  

Firstly, I have eyes that are very sensitive to changes in light and dark so when moving from bright sunshine into a darker area I'm left at a visual disadvantage for a moment.  Hence the reason I opted for these photochromic lenses.   Second, I have tiny ears, not giant restraining appendages to keep my sunglasses from sliding off my face. 

Test #1.  The sunscreen hair test.   You can't apply sunscreen to your face while wearing sunglasses so while getting ready they are pushed up onto my head.  There's nothing worse than leaning over to apply it to your legs only to see your glasses shoot forwards and crash to the floor (inevitably lens first!).   The Rydon glasses scored top marks for this.  Didn't budge an inch and did a great job as a temporary hair accessory.

Test #2.  The nose slide.   It's a tough decision to make as you fly down a descent that requires both hands on the handle bars and at the same time start to feel your glasses slip further and further down your nose.   I'd like to say I always choose life over my glasses but I have to admit I've had to hastily swat them back into place at a few inopportune moments.  Once again the Rydon glasses scored top marks for staying put when needed. 

Test #3.  The supermarket sweep.  Going from bright sunshine into the artificial light of a supermarket is always a challenge so I was pleased to find that the Rydon's photochromic lenses adjusted quickly to the darker environment and allowed me to successfully navigate to the cold drinks section without bumbling around like a mole. 

Test #4.  The helmet hitch.  Delighted to report that the straighter style arms of the Rydon make it compatible with every helmet I've tried so far when it comes to sticking the arms into helmet holes. But then since test #3 proved, you probably don't even need this feature now!  

All in all I think these could be the best glasses I've had for general practical use, great features and technical specifications.   You can check them out at