As the cycling industry grows with more riders, the 52nd annual Great Western Bicycle Rally is going to be bigger than ever.  It’s not a trade show, it’s a cycling festival to celebrate and bring your favorite bikes and people - and to celebrate riding with them.  It’s the Grandfather and future of cycling - the essence of cycling;  days in the country with epic routes, family and friends in no hurry or need to get home after the day’s activities. 

The Memorial Day festival is an opportunity for cyclists to #VisitCalifornia for a premier weekend long event with dedicated programs for children, 25+cycling routes, wine touring, competitions, camping and relaxation.   Paso Robles is the meeting place for people to explore and chill with their favorite bikes and friends.   

Family Activities

On Friday, kids can decorate their bikes in the art space, materials provided.  Saturday is the Bike Roadeo: an event that is creatively designed for youngsters and cyclists to accelerate the learning curve of essential bike handling skills.  Riders come out to test their bike handling skills in a series of courses and challenges.  After the Bike Roadeo Saturday also features an organized bike train to Star Farms. Rack up some family miles during an hour of riding to arrive at the oasis, with a pool, beach and palm trees.  Smoothies and Pizza available.

More Fun In Store...

Ride one day in a fully supported gran fondo - the Giro di Paso.  It's common for someone to ride all day like normal only to find they missed out on other adventures, such as.... soaking in one of the local hot springs. Or creating a wine tasting route by stopping at favorites including Justin, Sculpterra,  J. Lohr or a hundred others.  Visit the beach or Big Sur. 

For more information on the rally, visit this article or register here