The routes listed here feature a variety of terrain, wineries and inviting picnic areas to choose from, and few or no stop lights.  The routes below range from 22 to 162 miles, with several choices for fitness riders, wine touring, and gran fondo routes routes. The Great Western Bicycle Rally every May features many organized rides, the two most popular are listed below.

Probability boldly suggests there will be sunshine, and delicious rhone style wines available.  During the harvest there are quaint fruit and nut stands to replenish with nutrient rich foods.  The east side is relatively level and warmer and the west side has foothill and mountain roads. All of these routes have options for more miles and elevation, some can be made shorter. 

Velo De Femme
All Women’s ride! 33 and 49 mile options, beautiful roads, fully supported with ride leaders and opportunities to get coaching and riding tips from local bike store Best Bike Zone.  This is the main women’s ride at the Great Western Bicycle Rally. There is a winery rest stop and an optional visit to the attractive Templeton Farmers Market on the way back. Support van included to carry your farmers market bounty back to the rally.  Learn more about this ride or register to ride!

Linne Rd.  ‘bike trail’
Eastside Paso is much flatter than the west side, but still has some inclines ranging from gentle to pitchy. Cass and Sculpterra wineries on this road have partnered to raise cycling awareness in the community by openly developing the notion of the Linne Rd. bike trail and inviting cyclists to enjoy their environment. 

Take Union east and turn right on gravel Penman Springs Road, turn left on Linne Rd.  It’s 11 miles one way to Cass Winery, where they provide ice water on tap.  Their hamburgers are extraordinary.  From here one can head back on Linne Rd. all the way to town or continue for a loop route for further eastside exploration.  A hidden gem in the area for nature and produce lovers is windrose farm. Continue east on Linne Rd. which becomes Geneseo Rd., go up the short steep climb, continue downhill and turn left on El Pharo Drive.  

Peachy Canyon

Just peachy! Canyon is a must for anyone interested in a super scenic challenge. The climb starts in central Paso at 6th and Olive St. gaining 1,200 feet over 7 miles with respite, a brief descent, coming at the halfway mark.  Peachy canyon is a descenders dream ride made of smooth, sweeping turns.  Go up to the summit and back down for a 14 mile out and back route.   Peachy canyon is a highlight of many famous loop routes in the area.

Peachy Canyon Loop with Adelaida or Chimney Rock Rd. 

These are the three main roads in western paso that run east to west through the vineyards, eventually intersecting Vineyard Dr, running North to South. Vineyards, tasting rooms, farms, and natural habitat make these loops a road cycling dream.  For 27 miles with more than 2,000 feet of climbing, start just north of town and take Nacimiento Lake Dr. west, then turn left on Adelaida Rd. continuing up a long climb before turning south on Vineyard Dr. Then left on Peachy Canyon. For 40 miles and 3,300 feet of gain and even more remote sections, start the same way,  but instead of turning left on Adelaida Rd., continue straight uphill onto Chimney Rock Rd. Here is a map to give you a visual on the loop route.

Star Farms Bike Train
The oasis of Star Farms, swimming is welcomed here. This is a great place to be and you can get here with a group of cyclists this May, take part in the supported bike train route for cyclists of all abilities, simply throw picnic supplies and towels in the van and enjoy the day!  More information on joining the Memorial Day weekend festival.

Kiler Canyon
Roadirt cycling is growing in popularity and this route shows us why.  If you’ve practiced on dirt or gravel, and like climbing, you might be ready to find out why some locals call this wickedly unique road ‘killer’ canyon.  Kiler Canyon is paved for a few miles, giving way to dirt, climbing rapidly under oak canopies and passing through olive, nut and veggie farms.  The gradient eases for the last couple miles and eventually meets the pavement at the summit of Peachy Canyon Road. Turn left to extend your ride, or turn right to descend paved Peachy Canyon into Paso.

Cayucos and Old Creek Road

The fully supported Giro di Paso features 60 and 100 mile century options, which both ride along the coastal highway one into the seaside town of Cayucos. After lunch, the fully supported route climbs above the sea through the avocado and oak groves of Old Creek Canyon.  Rise first above the ocean, then beyond whale rock reservoir, and through the lush canyon sides of Old Creek Rd.  The climb is a feat for any cyclist, and competitive ones can push their limits to strive for the King of the Mountain.  Check out the Giro di Paso, which happens every May during the Great Western Bicycle Rally.

Big Sur Bonus Route

For hard core riders who like to ride for 10+ hours, here is an idea for a 162 mile loop with 10,000+ feet of climbing.  Featuring pacific ocean frontage and remote, long, steep mountain roads, this route pays homage to the essence of randonneuring and extreme feats.  Verify road conditions and use caution throughout this journey.